Dog Park Rules

Welcome to K9 Barks N Brews, your go-to destination for doggy fun and relaxation in Hamburg, NY! Our indoor dog park is designed to be a safe, engaging, and enjoyable environment for dogs of all sizes and breeds. To ensure a pleasant experience for everyone, we kindly ask our visitors to adhere to the following dog park rules.



Indoor Dog Park


  • It is best to register your dog before your first visit if possible, to verify the required vaccines are up to date. We require Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella.
  • All dogs must go to the outside potty yard before entering the off-leash area.
  • You must keep an eye on your dog and be in control of them at all times. Keeping your eye on your dog will help keep them playing safe. Your dog is your responsibility.
  • Pee and poop will happen so we ask that you clean up after your dog so everyone can play in a clean and smell good environment.
  • No outside toys or treats allowed in the facility.
  • Drinks are allowed in the off-leash area, however for safety please keep all food in the restaurant area only.
  • Anyone 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Kids 12 & under must be in the IMMEDIATE PHYSICAL PRESENCE of a parent or guardian.
  • Children under 6 years of age are not permitted in the off-leash area. These children must be accompanied by a second adult and must remain in the restaurant area.
  • Kids may not climb on equipment, yell, scream, run, or tease/taunt dogs.


  • Your dog must be well socialized and do well with all dogs
  • Written proof of current vaccinations is required for Rabies, Bordetella & Distemper/Parvo to enter the facility.
  • Flea Prevention (verbal confirmation is sufficient)
  • Dogs older than 1 year must be spayed or neutered for off leash play.
  • Unaltered or intact dogs over 1 year are welcome in the restaurant area only.
  • No retractable leashes are allowed anywhere in the facility.
  • Dogs must remain off leash at all times while in the play area and on leash at all times in any other part of the facility.
  • Excessive barking even when playing can escalate the energy level of the other dogs and create stress on the play group. If your dog barks when playing or chasing, you will need to quiet them and call them off if necessary.
  • There is no fighting, biting, or excessive barking allowed, even when playing. This means your dog is over stimulated and it’s time to go. Dogs won’t stop themselves, so we need your help to keep them safe.
  • There are some very easy things to watch for to make sure safe play is maintained. See below for behaviors to watch for.

Things You Should Watch For While Visiting

Our staff is there to help ensure safe play. However, you as an owner will help ensure safe play not just with your own dog, but also the other dogs interacting with your pup. It is important to learn about interaction between dogs and how they engage each other and humans. Learn what normal play is and why they do it. Just as children have their favorite games like ‘hide and seek’ and ‘tag’, dogs have their favorites too.

Here are a few:

This has been a long time favorite as dogs essentially love to run and chase each other. It’s also one of the reasons though that we have some obstacles that help slow them down a bit. While playing chase it is important to watch for a tense jaw, stiff body or wide eyes on the chaser, and tucked in tail or hiding by the chasee, these are signs that the chaser maybe “hunting” the chasee and that the chasee may not be enjoying the game, so if you see this, you can let one of our staff members know or simply try to distract the chaser by offering another option of play.

This is normal during dog play and there is absolutely no cause for alarm if you see this. Even if they are growling and showing teeth some well socialized dogs just play this way. The more dogs get to know each other, the rougher the play. As long as both dogs are reciprocating this play style, front legs are bent, ears are floppy and relaxed, and heads turned sideways to one another the dogs are just having fun.

Some dogs will tug or pull another dog, and this has nothing to do with dominance but is purely about the enjoyment that dogs associate with tugging. If you have ever played with a toy and your dog bites onto it, you will see how he loves to pull it away from you. The play is safe if the dogs avoid direct eye contact and have heads turned a bit away from each other.

Some dogs will mount others when they are overstimulated or excited, while this behavior is usually not sexual or dominant, this is not allowed. The dog being mounted usually does not enjoy this type of play.

Please keep in mind dogs play with teeth and paws, so they may get scratches or bites while playing, just as children in the playground, but your dog should not lose out on having play time because of this. Bring them along, invite some friends and enjoy your ‘Open play’ time together.

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